Wednesday, April 24, 2013

theatre is an exotic flower

Today is Thursday, and i want to post here some new articles in a few days. Now i am feeling myself fucking artistic and weird, like i enter psychedelic world of aliens and crystal daisies (no, your guess not right, sure,- i don't do any drugs, i am just such an extremely eccentric person). Have you ever think of life as a theatre play, with so many parts, individuality, dramatic developments and freaky minds. I do. I love the theatre, the most invisible kind of creativity (except writing, sure). I am very artistic, imaginable and emotional, and i feel that my role in this world is to impersonate, and to write. The emotional influences of theatre explode my grey-colored days in some bright colors, the energy it gives me is full of electrons waking me up from bed and bad mood. Anyway, why theatre? Why am i in a great love to perform others? Because when i portray someone, i am in touch with his (her, its, anyway) soul, i feel him, and this gives me a punch, yes, a punch of colors and eccentricity. I palp his emotions, feelings, dreams, characters, intimate thoughts, and this is absolutely great to be a peculiar psychologist, sure. 

When i was little, i realized what the loneliness is. I haven't been at kindergarten, my only friends are dolls and imagination full of colors and electric positivity, and that was the time when my crazy love on theatre began. It wasn't cozy enough in real world, so i built my own. I stayed lonely until i go to the 1st grade, where i became with one girl best friends. I gave you my glittering creative energy, and felt more comfortable. I believe that i was an alien (now i believe it, too). The realization that my life is a play strengthened my love on theatre, i wanted to play, however everyone thought that i am confused and me and artistic career - incompatible things. But I just have so early realized what the world is, that my soul closed to not truly friends. I asked my mom if we went to the theatre, and that was the greatest happiness to me - to watch how a play transfer you like the time machine in other ages... I said myself: theatre is my obsession. I am sick with it. 

Well, I seek theatricality in all things surrounding me. I started to be interested in fashion and art, beacause their origins grew up by theatre. Look at the new collection of some designer. Can you see something reminding you of theatre? Textures, colors, cuts, styles, shadows, mood. Mood especcialy gives to audience something theatrical, epatage.

Oh I am such a sickener. Sorry, I just forgot that I am a teen girl. :) 

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  1. i love that you have high aspirations in theatre. I love to dance and so i will! Check it out and follow! xx gabi