Sunday, April 21, 2013

%^&O*^EX*%&WC&%$VO* or girl's rock bands

today i wasn't at school and thought about next post in my blog, and the best idea is to write here about forever young female rock bands. if i say 'female rock bands', i say 'Courtney Love and Hole', because Courtney is really COOL and her band is one of the most popular in the rock music world. but not only Hole is in my play list, there are also Dum Dum Girls, Kittie, Babes in Toyland, L7, The Pretty Reckless and others. i turn on their song when i hate everybody. 
it's strange that i can hear only female bands, but i have an answer: girls sing about girl's problem, boys sing about boy's problems. logical? i am a girl, so i am closer to girl band's texts and music. Courtney Love said once, that men-rockers were amazed that she sold albums as much as them, in general, women that sang rock music are not so much, especially popular ones. i am amazed of her. she never thinks of the repercussions, she lives on the principle of 'dying young'.
anyway, my love of her was founded by her feminist point of view of some stuff. she turned her gloomy feminine and riot nature into teen rock songs with aggressive girlish babydoll vocals and fucking atmosphere of torn Versace dress, smeare mascara and crown of Miss World. she says us that men are sexists who's interest to women personality is obscured by boobs and asses, and feminism in her opinion is nothing but the lifestyle. such a free woman you would seek for very long time ;). this freedom, this red lipstick, this sexuality, this honest songs, this guitar, this torn nail polish, this energy,- AWESOOOOOME!!!
i wear my headphones and sink in crying melodies. the feeling is like i die. depressive sounds of guitar, heavy girly voices. yes, i am in my own world.
i wish all the listeners of Hole go to the heaven.

Enid from Ghost World


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