Monday, January 28, 2013

blue-sounded sky Grimes

today I was listening to Grimes. if you love electric sounds and sleeping atmosphere, you should listen to her. Grimes' songs are full of dreams and magic, they have melancholy in texts. the style of Claire Boucher is very eccentric, so she is one of the most interesting singers of 2012.
her voice is so na├»ve and infantile, with no intonation like she sings being asleep. with pink music on the background it seems heavenly like flying in clouds in blue-blue sky. she sings about fairy tale and video games, her hair burns different color so fast that I can't notice every of them. I find Grimes exotic person with extraordinary view to the music and funny girlish vocals and every time I feel myself  airy-fairy and dreamy.
grimes makes my mood burn in sweet apathy and melancholy land of Middle ages and knights. I feel myself like I am in the Tolkien's books of fantasies and magic potions.
when I listened to grimes, I feel no motivation to do something like algebra, like Katy Perry or Demi Lovato, on the contrary, I feel a light lethargy and tiredness.




Thursday, January 24, 2013

blue-hair and fastfoody list

I am just teenager who watches MTV, Simpsons and Snow White and Seven Dwarves, who loves vintage photos, history, simulation games and French fries from McDonald's, who reads classic literature and joins Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry and Lana del Rey. I am just a teenage girl with strange ideas that are written in this blog. today I am telling what kinds of things inspire my mind.
to tell the truth, I am a little lonely because of my genius (joke hahaha :D). so I am in my laptop all day, searching for interesting ideas and inspiration in Internet, where I can be less confused. yeah, seriously.
 David Lynch. awesome grey-blue color of hair. his music is gloomy, sleeping and violent. well, cool at all.
MTV channel. no comment, just my love. ///:

 Diana. She is my style icon and the teacher of my life. she is so nice!
fast food! I forget everything, every my problems, when I eat big beef hamburger with Coca-Cola and French fries... oh how delicious!
my favorite online game. here you can create your own cute animal and feed it and brush its tooth. I love virtual reality where I can be an animal with weird hair and hypnosis eyes! nice and tiny world with shops, houses, clothes and furniture. in love forever :3
I don't nee to introduce Frida Kahlo. she is like a bunch of exotic devil flowers and spirits. colorful lady.

Marilyn Monroe, my star. I love her time.

I love fast food so much that it must be written there again.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

thirteen year old list

well hi.

what should you say to a thirteen year old blogger with strange name Mintvirgin on 22nd of January? Happy Birthday! today I am thirteen! I wait for this day for ages, because it can be the beginning of new life. so imagine that you are a teenage girl like me. what should you do?

I have just made a list for the following year and it seems so funny! LOL to my mind, it is nothing at all but isn't it interesting?

                           10 AFFAIRS THAT SHOULD BE DONE BY 13 YEAR OLD GIRL

1. inflate the most enormous bubble from gum
2. eat frogs like Frenchman and spiders like Vietnamese
3. take a photo of baboons in Africa
4. make pineapple drink
5. buy vintage heart-shaped sunglasses
6. sing with Lana del Rey
7. brake left hand (LEFT!!!)
8. dye hair in the shade of rising sun or in mermaid-green color
9. be more friendly and shiny
10. write in this blog a lot!

yes, here it is.

Friday, January 18, 2013

me and my sadness

cold-cold heart.

sinking in utopia.

mermaid's tears in grey eyes.

Goldfapp's music takes me to Neverland and Atlantic's depth.

i don't know why but i am crazy. so i can do what i want. madness is liberty. i can dream out loud and dance under green sun. i can sleep in the rays of love and chew gum under heavy thoughts.

sounds fill me with emptiness, black and aroma. i can't eat and do my homework. i love only music and books. when i have no mood to exist on Earth, i sing electric, minimalistic and empty songs with deep meanings and texts. it can make me more emotional and bright, more active and calm in my depressed mind. Goldfapp and Air have the most light, tender and melancholic music, in my opinion. i hear some tragic and poetical sounds and hard dramatic breathe, like the authors have as moony mood as i have. i hear myself in words, intonations.



my revenge to the world will be like a bunch of flowers- artistic and witchy. i planned my stupid life in a book called Nothing, and nothing is in it. i am ate inside by endless sadness. i just want to put my black lipstick on and crown of roses and strikes and lye in the grass with sunshine in mind. not very much. but impossible.

if i solve the horrible crime or paint great composition, i believe in myself like in talented person. but i can't do something gorgeous, only dream about it. have you ever thought who are you and what are you doing here, on Earth? if no, you are happy person with no heavy responsible ideas of death and future. without progress I feel so lazy and nothing can be done by my apathy, so I write here, in my unpopular blog, with fancy teen emotions, light and crystalline revelations and bees in my anxious head. when I write, you understand, I turn to places of my heart like India, Paris, jungle or Marc Jacobs' fashion show, for example. feelings, boiling in me, flow down this words and sentences. I feel comfortable in my own little world where nothing can go wrong.

just think- we all will die. is it good or bad, I don't know. just think about this terrible (or invisible?) thing- death. I feel sweet sugar aftertaste when I thin about it,- good girls go to the heaven, don't they?

Thursday, January 17, 2013

in the land of nymphs and monsters

i am listening to Devendra Banhart, especially funny song Carmenista with sounds on the background reminding Hawaii. Yes, Hawaii exactly. it is the song of joy and flowers, like a crown of butterflies, like a piece of sunshine. i need more warm summertime to my cold sick mind and that's why i listen to Carmenista.
well, it brings silly but happy feelings to me. i imagine myself dancing in endless evergreen forests with magic crown made of chamomiles, daises and kisses, singing with gold- hair nymphs about our eternal virginity and loneliness. hot sky is hugging our caramel sweet bodies and infinite smiles are on our freckled faces. laugh and cherry dreams is intoxicating our minds. music is flowing through candy summer air. mad and beautiful.
music can absolutely change the color of a world. sometimes i look in the window and see grey winter day without sunshine and happiness. i become having a depression and as bad mood as the weather is. so the most effective medicine from horrible stress is music, light, liquid and clear, like oxygen, music without excess sounds, voice and other musical additives that only can make you tired. also i recommend:

Florrie Arnold ( Florrie ) - Sunday Girl
Isabelle Pierre - Le Temps Est Bon
Air - Cherry Blossom Girl
Nicola Roberts - Lucky Day
Lana Del Rey - Moije Joue


Tuesday, January 15, 2013


when I watch the Disney's cartoons like Snow White or Mickey Mouse, I feel that I really (REALY) love characters and animations. they have a magic charm that absents in other companies. 
we all are influenced by colorful or black-white cartoons. we all watch Cinderella magic story and wanted to be kind, calm and beautiful like her to marry charming prince and live in pink marble castles in the lands of dark forests and furry tamed animals, of seven dwarf's and cruel witches, of mermaids and big, honest and heaven dreams of little girls.
we all laughed at funny clumsy Goofy and wanted faithful Pluto.
we all cry about the death of Simba's father in "The lion king".
we all lived in Disney's world that was opened for us, children of emotions and fantasies.