Monday, January 28, 2013

blue-sounded sky Grimes

today I was listening to Grimes. if you love electric sounds and sleeping atmosphere, you should listen to her. Grimes' songs are full of dreams and magic, they have melancholy in texts. the style of Claire Boucher is very eccentric, so she is one of the most interesting singers of 2012.
her voice is so na├»ve and infantile, with no intonation like she sings being asleep. with pink music on the background it seems heavenly like flying in clouds in blue-blue sky. she sings about fairy tale and video games, her hair burns different color so fast that I can't notice every of them. I find Grimes exotic person with extraordinary view to the music and funny girlish vocals and every time I feel myself  airy-fairy and dreamy.
grimes makes my mood burn in sweet apathy and melancholy land of Middle ages and knights. I feel myself like I am in the Tolkien's books of fantasies and magic potions.
when I listened to grimes, I feel no motivation to do something like algebra, like Katy Perry or Demi Lovato, on the contrary, I feel a light lethargy and tiredness.





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  3. The docMartens are awesome , thank for came in my blog and thank for your comment and i'm really sorry if you don't understand all the sing that I say but i'm french and I do a lot of fault in English ><


    1. you must try!!!! your English will be great after so much practise ;)
      I am Russian girl. thirteen year old. guess my English is not very good. but I realized that Russian audience is not very large to post on Russian.