Thursday, January 17, 2013

in the land of nymphs and monsters

i am listening to Devendra Banhart, especially funny song Carmenista with sounds on the background reminding Hawaii. Yes, Hawaii exactly. it is the song of joy and flowers, like a crown of butterflies, like a piece of sunshine. i need more warm summertime to my cold sick mind and that's why i listen to Carmenista.
well, it brings silly but happy feelings to me. i imagine myself dancing in endless evergreen forests with magic crown made of chamomiles, daises and kisses, singing with gold- hair nymphs about our eternal virginity and loneliness. hot sky is hugging our caramel sweet bodies and infinite smiles are on our freckled faces. laugh and cherry dreams is intoxicating our minds. music is flowing through candy summer air. mad and beautiful.
music can absolutely change the color of a world. sometimes i look in the window and see grey winter day without sunshine and happiness. i become having a depression and as bad mood as the weather is. so the most effective medicine from horrible stress is music, light, liquid and clear, like oxygen, music without excess sounds, voice and other musical additives that only can make you tired. also i recommend:

Florrie Arnold ( Florrie ) - Sunday Girl
Isabelle Pierre - Le Temps Est Bon
Air - Cherry Blossom Girl
Nicola Roberts - Lucky Day
Lana Del Rey - Moije Joue



  1. I absoluetly love Lana del Rey, nothing better on a bad day=)

    1. true!!! I am BIG fan of her invisible music! she seems so perfect!