Friday, January 18, 2013

me and my sadness

cold-cold heart.

sinking in utopia.

mermaid's tears in grey eyes.

Goldfapp's music takes me to Neverland and Atlantic's depth.

i don't know why but i am crazy. so i can do what i want. madness is liberty. i can dream out loud and dance under green sun. i can sleep in the rays of love and chew gum under heavy thoughts.

sounds fill me with emptiness, black and aroma. i can't eat and do my homework. i love only music and books. when i have no mood to exist on Earth, i sing electric, minimalistic and empty songs with deep meanings and texts. it can make me more emotional and bright, more active and calm in my depressed mind. Goldfapp and Air have the most light, tender and melancholic music, in my opinion. i hear some tragic and poetical sounds and hard dramatic breathe, like the authors have as moony mood as i have. i hear myself in words, intonations.



  1. I understand and know the feeling(s) you're going through. Stay strong and focus on the positive and your dream to make it out. It'll be there before you know it.

  2. to tell the truth, I have realized that my melancholy is sweet and a great pleasure. I sink in strange ideas and holes in the Universe. it is like sinking in ice cream. but sometimes I need more positive emotions, yeah. it seems a big problem for me.