Tuesday, January 22, 2013

thirteen year old list

well hi.

what should you say to a thirteen year old blogger with strange name Mintvirgin on 22nd of January? Happy Birthday! today I am thirteen! I wait for this day for ages, because it can be the beginning of new life. so imagine that you are a teenage girl like me. what should you do?

I have just made a list for the following year and it seems so funny! LOL to my mind, it is nothing at all but isn't it interesting?

                           10 AFFAIRS THAT SHOULD BE DONE BY 13 YEAR OLD GIRL

1. inflate the most enormous bubble from gum
2. eat frogs like Frenchman and spiders like Vietnamese
3. take a photo of baboons in Africa
4. make pineapple drink
5. buy vintage heart-shaped sunglasses
6. sing with Lana del Rey
7. brake left hand (LEFT!!!)
8. dye hair in the shade of rising sun or in mermaid-green color
9. be more friendly and shiny
10. write in this blog a lot!

yes, here it is.


  1. please dye your hair mermaid green colour!!!!! that would be awesome. And if you got to sing with Lana del Rey I would explode, because she is so awesome.
    I cannot even blow bubbles with bubblegum, how sad is that??
    hope you have a lovely birthday!

    1. thank you, Carla!
      I can't blow bubbles but what can hinder me learn how to do it? ;)

  2. Replies
    1. yes, of course.
      I make so many grammar mistakes *_* sorry
      why did you ask?

    2. because i'm 14, i'm from russia, too~!! привет~!

    3. привет! я могу писать тебе по-русски?

    4. да, конечно~!
      представляешь, я нашла твой блог в комментариях к статье на Rookie, а тут оказалось, что у нас почти совпадают интересы!

    5. можешь дать свой эл. адрес?

    6. вот: unicorndies@gmail.com
      а можешь найти меня вконтакте: http://vk.com/teenagewitch
      а вот мой блог, но в нём пока ничего еще нет: http://mariathewitch.blogspot.ru/

  3. Nice list haha >3 I see you have a love for blogging. I totally followed you. I hope you can check out my site: http://www.theproverbs.net/ and follow. Thanks for your time and hope to hear from you soon. God Bless

    Steven B. 0:)

  4. Happy Birthday!