Thursday, January 24, 2013

blue-hair and fastfoody list

I am just teenager who watches MTV, Simpsons and Snow White and Seven Dwarves, who loves vintage photos, history, simulation games and French fries from McDonald's, who reads classic literature and joins Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry and Lana del Rey. I am just a teenage girl with strange ideas that are written in this blog. today I am telling what kinds of things inspire my mind.
to tell the truth, I am a little lonely because of my genius (joke hahaha :D). so I am in my laptop all day, searching for interesting ideas and inspiration in Internet, where I can be less confused. yeah, seriously.
 David Lynch. awesome grey-blue color of hair. his music is gloomy, sleeping and violent. well, cool at all.
MTV channel. no comment, just my love. ///:

 Diana. She is my style icon and the teacher of my life. she is so nice!
fast food! I forget everything, every my problems, when I eat big beef hamburger with Coca-Cola and French fries... oh how delicious!
my favorite online game. here you can create your own cute animal and feed it and brush its tooth. I love virtual reality where I can be an animal with weird hair and hypnosis eyes! nice and tiny world with shops, houses, clothes and furniture. in love forever :3
I don't nee to introduce Frida Kahlo. she is like a bunch of exotic devil flowers and spirits. colorful lady.

Marilyn Monroe, my star. I love her time.

I love fast food so much that it must be written there again.


  1. Frida Kahlo and Marilyn are awesome <3

  2. Yum.take away stupid diet lol!

  3. hiya, thanks for the lovely comment on my blog :)
    i think i added a follower button! but god im rubbish at computers lol!

    new follower just about to follow you! :) xx

  4. Such an interesting mix of images!

  5. Hi, I've nominated your blog for the Liebster Award:

    1. can I write answers for your questions In comments of your post?