Thursday, April 18, 2013

But i am a Gay

No, I am not a gay, anyway.
Yesterday i watched a brilliant film about homosexuality But I Am A Cheerleader (1999), that completely changes my opinions about nontraditional sexuality and gay culture. Some time ago i didn't know how to react on gays, but today i sure can say that i am in favor of homosexuality. On the one hand, gay love is actually LOVE, however not so typical. But i am not sure about last word: I noticed that homosexuality is quite normal in modern world, and, i don't mint to say this, it's very fashionable. Glamorization of gay began in the 70s, when people rioted about sexual discrimination and freedom, and now the word 'homosexuality' acquired the shade neither shame nor deadly sin - normality. No, not normality,- fashion.
On the another hand, God, making our world, set standards, and one of those is that man must do sex with woman, and woman must do sex with man. Simple rule. But what should you do, if your nature is gay, and if you fall in love with person with a same gender? How can you protect your soul from something you can't control?
Sometimes (no, usually!) the guilty of all the person's deviations is the auto-suggestions, about power of that we know not by hearsay (you know what i am talking about ;)). You become a gay because the wave of gay-fashion's rushed, surrounding you, not because you actually are. However now it's cool to be gay, in past it was awful fault, destroying your lives. So it was not so WOW to be homosexual. It was a kind of suicide.
Anyway, it's time to end my article.



    I'm french and I think that we have the right to love who we want and it doesn't mater if you love boys or girls. Homesexuality is not a crime !

    1. i absolutely agree with you!
      homophoby is a very stupid thing.

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