Monday, April 22, 2013

i am eating cakes

 What is magic? Does it exist? I would say: yes. I have my head not on my shoulders because spring is coming soon and I am in love with somebody again and again. I like pastel dreamy colors this week: they seem perfect shades and structures.

I have been sick for two months,- but to my mind for ages. my head was in the lands of gods and monsters, where I was an angel, and I have no exits to go out from this country of my fantasies. and now I am in good health: but I completely forget what the real life looks like. I want to return Wonderland with Alice, I miss endless green landscapes full of sweet aromas of wild flowers. I should do my algebra homework and do my biology project: the real life seems awful war of school and my dreams. so what could I do?

the only thing I can do now is rest. but I have been having rest for two weeks! no, I want another piece of rest. on Hawaii? no, in the bed with interesting book and video games and and today, on my blog of pop culture and sweet candies, I can forgot about everything with tender pastel clothes and magic atmosphere of pink ice cream color.

enjoy the spring and be pastel like sunshine and lavender



  1. Haaa... the perfect feeling of spring and summer , it's just wonderful and I know it :) By the way , you've got such a nice blog and I like your universe.


    1. your comments mean so much for me :)
      thank you for warm words