Monday, April 29, 2013

me and the stream of feelings

I am looking forward to the HOLIDAYS and new Marina and the Diamonds' album, and also to the enslavement of the Universe by feminism (however this, i don't want the feminism to be mainstream). I am obsessed with stupid serials, putting rubbish in my brains, and I think this happened because my own life isn't as interesting as I want it to be. I listen to Dum Dum Girls, Hole, TEENS and Kate Nash, reread Virgin Suicides (it's like ritual for me), and watched some films, and these mean that I have my life organised like other days, but I want a DRAMA! 

I've been doing nothing this week and the next, sure, will be too. I write in my blog and diary, spend some time on tumblr to find rare photos, read books, watch tv shows and cause a great confusion in my brains full of feminism, Ghost World, indie-pop and r'n'b, summer, lipstick by MAC and other teen stuff like i had listed above. OMG<

And also i am going to the International Vilnius American School, where I will take my classes in ENGLISH!!!! You can't understand my feelings because you, sure, never lived in Russia for whole life, speak Russian with your parents and classmates, and now our family is moving to Lithuania (little country in east europe, so little that you can't see it without microscobe :)), and I am going to learn in English, you hear, in English! I am totally tired of all my fucking feelings and emotions that give me on the one hand positive energy and on the another - PROBLEMS, and I am freaked out of so many buzzing thoughts and hysterical nervous nights dropping teardrops and laughs on the diary pages. 

I am enraged by my classmates thinking that I am nearly mad and strange because I am an ardent Feminist with so many obsessions about girl's rights and feminine but free lifestyle, and I stopped explaining what the feminism truly is, recalling on stupid brains full of lipstick not smart ideas of my dear 'friends'. Anyway I rewatched Ghost World and feminist and sarcastic mind of Enid inspired me to be more confident and look at feminism from another point of view. I was so enraged by people who imagine that feminism is The Great Evil that I didn't think what would happen if all the women were feminists/// It would be not WOW, because I don't want the Woman to be a robot. The girl Power isn't sexuality, but anyway feminism is understood not by all of women. And I would like to say that girls are powerul like boys, and we can't be infringed in our rights. 

This moodboard of pictures is made to show how important feminiism in real life can be.