Tuesday, March 5, 2013

fall in love with MK fall 2013 collection and moodboard

i was all in crazy stuff called SCHOOL. awful word, isn't it?

so it's right time to write here, where was no posts since 14 of February.  i have recognized that an organized life is better than my own. but what am i saying? i will be always disorganized teenage girl and no my thoughts about starting new life are useless and only take away my time.

you know that the PFW was started very long time ago (two months) :) and i don't want any talks about it. you, i think, are sitting on style.com like a maniacal person and read, read, read, read stuff like reports and characteristics of fashion gorgeous ( or not? read about Balenciaga show ) shows with lots of gorgeous fashion monsters and photographers, journalists and bloggers. i am sure you write about your favourite ones in your blogs, but i won't do it, because i don't think you don't know something. i will write only about Meadham Kirchhof, but not too much. 

well, i know that Rookiemag feminist girls are in big love with too young designers, who's dresses and shoes are like caramel cloudy cakes in romantic laces and bows and are inspired by Maria Antoinette's time style. and so do i. ^_^ pastel colors of delicious candies and unusual girlish cut and sunny motives, red lipstick and purple hair like from the most brave teen daydreams - so attractive for us, girls, yes? 

but this collection is not like others. it has suicide black meaning. crowns with heart pattern ( girl's accessories ), black-and-white latex and laces like from retro photos and long monastic dresses like from the Middle Ages. tragic melodies of clothes leaked from the photos. i am a bit amazed. like i turned in the Sophia Coppola film The Virgin Suicides. to end my opinion, i would say: MEADHAMKIRCHHOFFILOVEYOUUUUU!!!!

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  1. Great blog sweetie! Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! I am now following you via GFC!