Friday, March 8, 2013

teen queens

hi. this post will be about teenage queens and popular idols, and about status (or diagnosis?) miss world in our school. i realized that this theme is one of the most interesting for me: why is someone popular in the society and someone not?

i have no power on my classmates, i am NOT popular, and some time ago my position was that i am a worthless and ugly girl, but than i thought: why is good to be a queen of a little country called high school? i was thinking of these and suddenly i decided how awful is the policy of the complicated business 'to be miss world'. you should have a 'hot' body and sexy boobs, wear glamorous fashionable clothes that open all the secret 'places' of your body and be the highest standard, be a girl who are followed in style and who's opinion considers by almost all of people. i didn't want to be an ordinary queen who's life is like other queens' lives, so i broke all the stereotypes that were in my head before and started to implement my plans 'how to be special'.

changing my opinion about popularity in schools, i became more confident and unselfconscious and wanted my friend to stop believe stupid beauty norms. that was the time when i first was sure that i am a feminist and female rights were very important for me. i said my friend: 'why are they popular?- pointed on blonde model girl.- they have no smart ideas in their minds, and the only things they think about are cosmetics, fashionable brend dresses and kisses and sex with boys. i can't stand and understand this fashion.' she agreed with me, but said: 'they are popular, and we are not. so this means that we are loosers and our opinions are stupid. we can run away from our deep thoughts of envy, but we should recognize: if the society, if the most of people decide how to be ideal and choose 'miss worlds' by themselves, they are right. Unluckily, we are minority, so we should keep our position in secret. or we will be absolutely derelicts. do you want to be a derilict? i don't.'

i thought of her worlds, and suddenly said: 'this is stupid to be derelicts, but more stupid is to keep our opinions in secret.'

i wanted no stereotypes. and i broke them. i want to change all of teenagers, not only me.


  1. your blog is so great. i completely agree with this. high school/ secondary sucks.

    xx dani