Sunday, March 10, 2013

sunday moodboard. candy edition

we should thank candies for our excess weight :)) 

and Miss Worlds for our inferiority complex...

today was a cool sunny day and i feel myself airy-fairy and cheerful. i wanted to post something 70s sunny like the sky in my fantasies was, so i found delicious photos and pictures in the endless folders of pictures and photos :) this moodboard is made for inspiration that is fiven by blurry summertime. lana del rey's official music video Summertima Sadness is colorful palette of intimate thoughts, suicidal weather and calm blossom wind in hair.


  1. as if the hazy pictures were not airy fairy fabulous enough, your little comment topped this post off. the sky in your fantasies sounds beautiful, like your whole mind is.
    that bathtub is surrounded by such pretty things, oh how i want it. and the wedding photo is lovely. do you think that couple lasted? i hope so, they look cute. i love the faded blurriness of these bad quality pictures, it makes it more perfect and i think of abandoned worlds waiting to be resurrected and restored, like that miss universe - i'm sure she isn't so dazzling now but that's not a bad thing.
    ugh i'm so sorry, why did i ramble?
    have the loveliest week sonia.

    1. thank you! you didn't ramble, your comment is very good :)

  2. thank you so much for adding my blog to your lust! you're the bessssttt <3 i love all the photos her, the colours are so dreamy, and lana's song fits perfectly with your theme you've got going on.

    xx dani