Tuesday, March 12, 2013

musiiiiiiiic! or how it changes us

i have so many favorite singers and songwriters that i can't count them. i love all genres, i think. Indie-pop, grunge rock, rock-n-roll, electronic, country, hip hop, synth-pop... i am tired of listing all of them. music is my passion, my obsession, and my drug, and i can't live without melodies in my head and ears. music became flashes of colors, rains, sunshine, youth and teen ages and paint my life in magic glittering world of unicorns, fairies, Nicki Minaj and lipsticks. flowing down, it make me feel like i am in girl's daydreams...
music has extraordinary power to change mood and all life. can you imagine the world without any sound? silence kills our organisms, our bodies, our souls. i can be forgotten in times with Hole, Grimes, Lana del Rey, Bjork, Iggy Pop, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Marina and the Diamonds and many-many-many bands and singers in my ears. Jane Lane from the serial Daria said once: ' If people suck me, i wear my headphones. ' love your mind, Jane! i use this :) if there was no music and blogspot (tumblr), i would suicide :D

and we also know that music explodes our lives. music in psychological meaning influences on our minds, completely changing position, mood, perceptions of the world, makes us feel better or worse, tired or active. have you ever thought of energy of sounds? i do. contrasting colors of human voice, keyboard, piano, violin, guitar, etc enters our brains and change the digital code that directs all our actions and our spiritual condition. well, music is unexplainably thing that manages us, and 'tell me what do you listen to and i would tell who are you'.

there is a tiny moodboard :)
unknown vintage photo