Sunday, February 10, 2013

romeo + juliette

Romeo and Juliette was one of the most beautiful dramatic composition written by, of course, great English author Shakespeare. it's a classic story of love, the love so heavenly and tender, so sacrificial and passionate that is a gift of paradise, but to this couple of young people- of hell. aren't they happy in their true honest feelings? no one knows. but in my opinion, yes. because of sunny kisses, hands in hands, nights full of moonlight, flowers and recognitions? because of eyes of sky and hair of silk? because of their suicides. suicide made their love more strong and powerful. they had no understanding in real life, but maybe God blessed their feeling on heaven and made them eternal?

eternal endless love. invisible interpretation of fairy tale far-away and beautiful feelings of people, complicated biological machines with difficult mechanisms and protoplasts. how can this creature feels like that? Shakespeare gives us his answer. in book called Romeo and Juliette. open this colorful book and become knowing about love of two teenagers with big hearts opened to death,- and you may hear him.


  1. I have this movie and love it... the story of course is amazing.. some of my favorite quotes are from that play... I've presented this movie in class to my fashion students when we're analyzing medieval times costume from the XIII and XIV century.. have you noticed the costume design on this movie, it is impeccable... cool post!

    1. costumes! they were like diamonds/ so historical and tender...

  2. Thanks a bunch for your lovely comment!
    Seems like I finally need to read the whole play!

    Have a great day,