Saturday, February 9, 2013

no valentine's day

February, the month of the Valentine's day and brrrrr cold weather, came into Moscow. I can not say that I am happy about this, because I want to bask under the sun with no thoughts in my head except the last fashion news and, to tell the truth, the Valentine's day is awful event when (in our school) someone puts ugly children-made box with tons of sequins and rhinestones that always makes my eyes blind. no colorful romantic mood, exactly. the only thing I think about is why I am so shy and so ugly, why I have got no valentines except from my friends. I hate their kind wishes written with pink pen and sentimental pink intentions because at the beginning they give hope and then take it away with noisy heart brake. and now I WILL forbid them send me beautiful hand made or from shop card with a couple of words that must make me joyful but can't.
so it is no surprise that I will make this month not as it should be, definitely not normal. sunny, new, colorful, bloody. no hearts and glamor. yes, you will think, that I want to turn winter to summer, and it's true.
this post is made for inspiration like any other posts but it brings some new feelings.


  1. at our school is valentines day the same..
    i always wonder how kids from my school can fall in love so fast..

    1. oh yeah... to tell the truth I can fall in love only with candies and food, music and photos

  2. i get you , the whole valentines day is pathetic , all they do at my school makes me want to puke