Saturday, February 9, 2013

my own madonna

to tell the truth I am absolutely in love with pop music. it seems not heavy and easy so I am just relaxed and happy when I listen to this genre. when I want to be crazy and depressed, I turn on rock and grunge, but to my mind, it's important to be sometimes calm like the sea when there is no wind and waves. I have my head heavy after a hard school day and physics lessons and listen to Taylor Swift's guitar motives, primitive, soft and light like an ice cream that gives me good emotional energy and calm mood. I hear whispering restful voice decorated with gentle laces of music and texts with love-meanings. but now it's not time to speak about Taylor, today I am into Madonna, the mother of modern popular music, the queen and my idol of all times.

in fact, she is absolutely great woman who dressed girls in the 80s in leggings, denim jackets, miniskirts and ragged tops with lots of jewelry and wild hair. who makes music charts explode? who was on the top of world for so many years? who is that Madonna? she is a revolutionist of freedom who turned the world foundations and colored the teenagers' lives into bright pop colors, she is the mother of music that is listened by girls and boys, by parents today. mainstream music is her child, she grew up Lady GaGa and other pop monsters like Beyoncé and Bruno Mars. she is a 80s and 90s and 2000s and 2010s star and is she going down the stairs of glory and popularity? is she a 'grandma'?

Madonna is a 'masterpiece'. she is definitely the woman who is like Columb the first. it means that she founded modern world built by show business, and of course that is a real role in the world. think about this for two seconds: is it gorgeous and cool to be such an important person? :/// I have always thought of music business as a pleasure, not as a big enterprise with lots of complicated nuances. but it's really. Madonna is not a pleasure for simple guys like me and you. she is not, exactly. we are the pleasure for her. she is a genius who enslaved the world using her special style and talent in music.


  1. Pop is hands down the best, it always puts me into a good mood! Loving your blog :)

    xoxo Jamie