Monday, July 22, 2013

My life is tumblr

My fucking life is tumblr, great. I sank in grunge and pastel 90s-styled ocean of pictures and screens, forgetting about real-life sucking situations and problems that are islands of reality in the oceans of virtual world. Can we reblog beauty in real life? Can we click like when somebody attracts us? No. Internet gives us confidence and happiness. But is this happiness real, not virtual?
My mom broke my smartphone few days ago because all my time i spend in it. But what should i do? Its summer, i have no friends here in Lithuania, nothing to do. My parents think that i waste my time, but all teenagers 'waste' time on Net. I want to die, fuck.
My life is tumblr, and you don' t understand me


  1. ugh! i think this all the time...i'm not trying to say i know exactly how you're feeling, because i don't, but i've definitely been there.

  2. I know exactly what situation you're in! I don't know if many people in lithuania have tumblr, but I actually found my best friend on tumblr! so you could try to do the same thing maybe? and one good friend is all you need really! Are you still in high school? I think that everything will get better once you are done with school and you can finally do whatever you want, and when you study something you're interested in I'm sure that you will meet tons of people with the same interests!

  3. i fucking love tumblr.
    I would love if you checked out my blog! I just started it. Hope you like it!