Thursday, June 6, 2013

hi summer

Hi summer, nice to meet you. Hi movies and books, hi loneliness and endless blog writing. Well hi.
To tell the truth I hate school, where i am not understood by some (every, anyway) guys who are completely, incurable, monstrously ORDINARY and STUPID. This two words written in capital are equally fearful for me, I am a girl not so typical for high and middle school (from another planet) and I have veeeeeeeery strict criteria to select friends. Don't worry, I am sure you match brilliantly to be my friend :).
I hate school, anyway. It appears to be a prison, colony of strict regime, house of groups... But I miss it, however. School is coloring my weekdays between weekends, and i thank a lot this house of fears and obsessions, passions and physics. ]: And hope you have brriiiiiiiliant summer that fills your diaries with events and feelings :)


  1. ljhsdfljahegfi yeah school sucks but at least there's still the internet amaright

  2. Haha this is great, FUCK YEAH SUMMER!
    Check me out!