Thursday, May 30, 2013

society kills the teenager

I have been thinking of this summer of sadness and my depressive pastel emotions as an entrance in the new world, and this was very strange. What am I talking about? Fuck. I forgot. How nice.
Blue is the warmest color, french film about two homosexual lovers that has won the main award, is one of the films I am most waiting for, and the theme of homosexuality as a mortal sin (according to Bible) or as the most beautiful love (according to Abdellatif Kechiche) again crept into my brains, and feeling strange and philosophic I tried to find out why it's good and bad to be homosexual in real world. 1. other people. 2. God. 
God is against homosexuality, but he's in favor of love. Strange?
Now there is no stereotypes about being a gay, but maybe I am not right because orientation in high school is an unsteady and shaky theme. I am talking about false plaing priorities in high schools, where popularity and success means 'hot' body, knockout boyfriend and fashionable clothes Gucci or Prada. Where are brains and interests, where does they hiding? We look outside, not inside, we bend over to have clean skin and 10000000000000000000 shoes, forgetting about being Pretty on the Inside (Hole's album). Homosexulity is the thing that makes my classmates scared, but this is brilliant! OMG, how stupid are homophobes that think that homoseuality is BAD, fuck.


  1. Films about taboo gay love affairs are my FAVORITE. I'll be sure to check this one out. And I agree with you 100%. I'm not a religious person but I know enough about the Bible and Christianity to say that God would never hate or disapprove of an individual for loving someone. God is love.

  2. Omg I was thinking about this stuff yesterday. I keep hearing "Well,technically being gay is a sin". But wait.. Your sins are forgiven, correct? So why does it matter. It's like saying "yes, everybody sins but homosexuality takes the cake amiright". Nothing against religion of course, but if everybody sins and we're all forgiven than why are gay people the only one getting shit?

    1. yes, we all have sins. and they all are forgiven. why being a gay can't be forgive anyway?